Getting to Caleta Condor in Chile can be a quite tricky.

How to Get to Caleta Condor

  1. First you have to go to the town of Osorno.
  2. -LATAM and Sky Airline fly nonstop from Santiago (SCL) to Canal Bajo Carlos Hott Siebert Airport (ZOS) which is approximately 7km east of Osorno center.
    -LATAM only flies on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Sky Airline flies daily.

  3. From Osorno (Feria de Rahue) you have to take a Minibus to Bahía Mansa.
  4. -The bus goes to San Juan de la Costa (Bahía Mansa, Pucatrihue[N] & Maicolpué [S]).
    -The bus to Bahía Mansa costs approximately 1800 CH$ and takes about 2 hours. Minibuses runs every 30 minutes.

  5. From Bahia Mansa you have to take a boat to Caleta Condor.
  6. -Travel time by boat is 1h and 30min and you have to reserve a seat through Caleta Condor Expediciones @
    -They have a website at:
    -Cost is approximately 10,000 chilean pesos.